Volunteer Page

Croton AYSO Thrives on Volunteers. Be One!

Check out the AYSO National Video for Volunteers below:

Coaches and Referees are needed, year round..  Please consider being a role model for the kids in our community, the boys and girls benefit from being active and by being led by the parents of our community. Our goal is to provide the fun game of soccer, develop stronger soccer players and being active supporters of the Croton community, including supporting the Croton School District soccer teams.


Coaches- The backbone of our successful program. We need coaches at all levels from U5-U16.  Coach training is available online and in-person.  Contact us at crotonayso@gmail.com for more information.

Referees- We need referees to manage U8-U16 games.  The more referees we have, we can arrange for games to be shared, so that “sideline” difficulties are minimized.  A great role to assist in teaching our kids how to manage games!


Board Jobs with terms that are ending, or ending soon.  Please consider volunteering, for the betterment of the program and the enjoyment of the game.  If a specific role sounds interesting, but you can’t commit to all of it, we can break down certain tasks.  Please apply by contacting us at rc@crotonsoccer.org.

Regional Commissioner– Rob Gardos- rc@crotonsoccer.org.
This position is shaped by the needs of the program.  This position requires someone who wants to direct the future of soccer in Croton.  Applications to the board are welcome.  Meet with current RC or board liaison to discuss the role.

Assistant RC– .  Any volunteer who wants to assist in the logistics of the soccer program, to make the RC job easier is welcome.  Opportunity to learn the RC role. Coordinate field/facility permits. open position

Regional Coach Administrator–  Craig Terboss- yr term beginning. Responsible for Coach communications, coach trainings.

Assistant Regional Coach Administrator–  Open Position– learn the role, assist in communications, coach training, development, team formation coordinator-

Extra Team Coordinator: Will Stapleton

Manages Extra team formation, with the assistance of the Training Staff. OPEN POSITION

Assistant Extra Team Coordinator- manage the logistics of try-outs- OPEN POSITION


Division Coordinators: Responsible for forming teams, under direction of the Board.  Trainers assist.

Referee Coordinator: – 1st year
Assistant Referee Coordinator- OPEN POSITION– help in the logistics of communicating with referees,

Equipment Coordinator- Emily Boglioli- manages the oprdering of all equipment, uniforms, goals, etc.  Coaches equipment coordinator.

Communications- Jean Gield-coordinates board communications, helps coordinate
Maria Slippen, Alicia Pascale assist with this role.

Treasurer- Christopher Jacobson
Assistant Treasurer- assist in managing program finances

Assistant Registrar- Alicia Pascale assists with those looking for assistance in Spanish

CVPA- Katie Gesue-

Safety- David Adler-2 yr term has ended-

Player Advocate:  New, open position.  Volunteer needed to resolve player related concerns. Discuss options with parents regarding player development outside of Croton AYSO

Board Liaison- Jay Moskowitz-

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