What is Croton AYSO

CROTON AYSO (Region 455)

Croton AYSO is a local soccer program based in Croton on Hudson, New York.  Started in 1986, the 100% volunteer run and operated program works to provide a player development-based soccer program.  Croton AYSO operates within the AYSO National Guidelines and participates in the Area 3T soccer league.  Why AYSO?

Croton AYSO specifically offers the following soccer programs:
VIP: The Very Important Player program provides a quality soccer experience for children with special needs. More details can be found on https://crotonsoccer.org/information/vip-program/

U5 Jamboree:  This program is designed to offer rudimentary soccer to pre-schoolers.  This parent assisted program is directed by the Master Coach.

U6 Soccer:  This program is designed to offer Kindergartners more soccer experience, and beginning to understanding the concept of team play.

U8 Soccer:  This program is designed to offer 1st and 2nd graders the opportunity for greater player development and team play.  All team play occurs in-house, except when we have odd number of teams and then we coordinate games with the Ossining AYSO program.  The program traditionally offer practices on Saturday mornings with games on Sunday afternoons.

U10-U14 Primary Soccer:  This program is traditionally designed to provide more training opportunities for players.  Practices traditionally occur on Saturday mornings with Sunday afternoon games.  These games are designed to teach game concepts and involve travel to other towns.  Croton AYSO works to schedule as many in-house games as possible to limit travel.

AYSO United Croton Club:  This program is available to U9 and older players and requires an evaluation conducted by a professional Trainer.  AYSO United Croton Club is designed for players looking to dedicate more effort to soccer.  Games are extremely competitive.  Travel is generally within one hour.  The cost of participating in this program is materially more as teams receive weekly sessions with a trainer and play in at least 2 tournaments each season.


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