Support Croton AYSO

In addition to being run solely by volunteers, Croton AYSO is a non-profit organization. Our registration fees are set to keep us at about break-even status and some years we fall short. Some years we need to buy new goals or other equipment. Some years we have to pay unanticipated field-use fees.

In addition to operating expenses, we also give a scholarship to a graduating high school senior, and that money is not covered by registration fees.

Contributions can help meet our costs, help us keep our registration fees at reasonable levels and also go toward the scholarship program.

How can you help? Here are a few ideas:

Local Custom with a Twist
There is a local custom that parents give a gift to the coaches at the end of the season. Recently, two teams chose to make donations to the scholarship fund in the name of the coaches. In one case, the parents did it. In the other, the players made their own donation. These honored the coaches and helped support the scholarship program.

Matching Contributions
Many employers offer to match charitable contributions by employees. Does yours?

Volunteer Grants
A few employers give grants to organizations to which their employees volunteer their time. Maybe your employer is one of those. (We just received news that we will receive such a grant from Merrill Lynch.)

Contributions can be made to our general fund or, if you prefer, specifically to the Croton AYSO Scholarship Fund.

There are many, many worthwhile causes that deserve our support. This is an opportunity to contribute to a local non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide a sports program right here in our own community. Please keep us in mind when you think about giving.

If you have any fund-raising ideas and suggestions, or if you have any questions, please email us at

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