Croton AYSO Team Parents

Every year our Croton AYSO program runs games and practices for 45 teams. The coordination and effort bringing the teams together is a task that is rewarding and fun and our Team Parents help make it happen.

If you volunteer to be a team parent, please be sure to notify us at, so that we can have a board member contact you.

Important tasks for our team parents

1. Continue to promote the AYSO philosophies, but also help our coaches and referees make sure our players are having fun

2. Coordinate snacks, trophies, volunteer gifts “as appropriate” and team communication for our coaches.

3. Answer parent questions, but also help us monitor our sidelines during games. If you think a “Silent” Sunday would help our players have a better time, just email us and we will review…

4. Your willingness to help, is greatly appreciated!

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