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Spring Soccer is Coming!

The weather is finally changing and we’re looking forward to a great spring soccer season.   We are putting the final touches on the schedule so expect to hear from your team’s coaches soon.

The season will kick off the week of April 21 so hopefully by then the fields are dry and the weather is warm for a perfect start.

Picture Day October 5, 2013

Picture Day will take place at the CET Multi-purpose room.  Here are the team schedules.

Team Designation Team Name Coach CET Picture Time Assignment
U05 Jamboree Jammin Jamboree Daniel Howald 800
U06B-01 Red Bulls Chris Fleming 900
U06B-02 Croton Roughriders Jamie Hough 905
U06B-03 Croton Maulers John Fahey 1045
U06B-04 Croton Milan Salvatore Infanti 910
U06B-05 Croton Dragons Carlos Cruz 1050
U06B-06 Croton Thrashers Eugenie Cesar-Fabian 1055
U06G-01 Buttercups Jared Forth 935
U06G-02 Daisies Suzanne Gardos 920
U06G-03 Dragonflies Lester Look 925
U08B-01 Croton Cobras Alicia Pascale Goni 840
U08B-02 Croton Vipers Richard Szkodzinski 930
U08B-03 Croton Tigers Patrick Turner 845
U08B-04 Bull Sharks John Ross 850
U08B-05 Croton Chargers Paul Camillieri 915
U08B-06 Croton Panthers Andrew Gould 1010
U08B-07 Croton Lions William Stapleton 940
U08B-08 Croton Giants Michael North 1025
U08B-09 Croton Hornets Andrew Opel 1040
U08B-10 Croton Sharks Craig Terboss 945
U08G-01 Croton Flower Power Stacy Bilgoray 835
U08G-02 Croton Crushers  John Fitzgerald 830
U08G-03 Croton Flying Flamingos Victor Illonardo 825
U08G-04 live love soccer Jeffrey Slippen 820
U08G-05 Croton Tigers Brian Gield 815
U09BX1 Falcons Thomas Erskine 11:55
U09BX2 Gardos Robert Gardos 12:40
U10B-01 Croton Crashers John Phillips 1100
U10B-02 Croton Panthers Charles Henley 1110
U10B-03 Croton Dynamite Leon Stok 1120
U10B-04 Croton Earthquakes Kevin Kearns 1250
U10BX Croton Galaxy Daniel Cummings 1215
U10G-01 Croton Revolution Juan Voss 1225
U10G-02 Croton Sounders Phil Grunes 855
U10G-03 Croton Storm Kate Fabian 1015
U10G-04 Croton Alligators Hilmar Fenger 1030
U10GX1 Croton New Nigel Ravelo 1245
U10GX2 Croton Comets Robert Sendlenski 1235
U11GX Croton Cobras Kevin Kearns 100
U12B-01 Fire and Ice Christopher O’Keefe 950
U12BX Crush Chris Burke 11:30
U12G-01 FC Totoro Jonathan Liebowitz 1145
U12G-02 Croton Rounders Amy von Sauer 1140
U12G-03 Croton Roasters Jay Moskowitz 1205
U12GX Croton Superstars Matthew Mager 1220
U14G1 Croton Radicals Toni-Marie Feliu 1000
VIP VIP Vipers Daniel Howald 810

U6B Sena:  1:00pm.

Please be on time and complete the purchase online.
Picture Day! October 5th, 2013