Picture Day 2019


The only door open at PVC will be Door #3 (the one at the top of the grand, double staircase). Also, please pre-order pictures by 9pm EST tonight (10/25). Link is https://preorder.groupphotographers.com/#/wo/702808

We’ll also have a donation box for old CLEAN soccer uniforms (jerseys, shorts or socks; no cleats). We’re working with PeacePassers.org which enables soccer clubs to give gear to communities in need. Note that we’re only collecting Croton AYSO uniforms at this time.


AYSO Picture Day for 2019 will be Saturday, October 26.

NEW Location – all pictures will be taken at PVC middle school in the 3rd Floor Gym.

We’re hoping to get you in and out as quickly as possible so please note the following:

  •  Biggest help: Fill out your order beforehand — here’s the link!  https://preorder.groupphotographers.com/#/wo/702808
  •  You & your child need to know your coaches’ last name(s) and their team name.
  •  Please DON’T have your child in cleats (really important ) and do not bring soccer balls.
  •  If you’ve done your paperwork beforehand — Come NO LATER THAN 15 minutes prior to picture time — the kids need to assemble. If you forget to do the paperwork before hand, please come 20 minutes before hand! (Motivation!)
Mulliken/Lyons U8 Coed 7:50a The Force
Howald/Karlin U5 Coed (Jamboree) 8:00a 5U
Schuerman/Mayyasi U8 Coed 8:10a Screeching Black Panthers
Doherty/Stanaway U8 Coed 8:20a Black Tiger Mambas
Guidry/Adler U6 Coed 8:30a
Auten/Olesek U6 Coed 8:40a
Abbatiello/Harel CFC U9 Boys 8:50a Hooligans
Corwin/Rosales U10 Boys 9:00a
Newman/Roppa U7 Coed 9:10a Hedgehogs
Loges/Sacks/Hertlein U7 Coed 9:20a
Pepperney/Ragsley U7 Coed 9:30a
Occhiogrosso/Beehner U8 Coed 9:40a The No Names
Barillaro/McCarthy/Epprecht U10 Boys 9:50a Thunder
Newman/John/Jacobson U12 Boys 10:00a Mighty Eagles
Bloomberg/Hertzberg U6 Coed 10:10a Tornado
Kendall/Ferrari/Beyrer U6 Coed 10:20a
Radick/Ilardi U14 Girls 10:30a Croton Bolts
Hough/Taylor U12 Boys 10:40a Tartan Spurs
Obermeier/Knaggs CFC U12 Girls 10:50a Lightning
Steinthal/Forbes U7 Coed 11:00a Raptors
Henley/Walsh U8 Coed 11:10a Rockets (AKA Blue Meanies)
Camillieri/Opel U14 Boys 11:20a Warriors
Wagner/Cox U10 G 11:30a Koalas
Leon/Asher U7 Coed 11:40a The Tigers
Howald VIP 11:40a Tigers
Hall/Gosnell U10 Girls 11:50a Wildcats
Yerkes/Walsh/Hiller U10 Boys 12:00p Warriors
Umar/Atique U12 Girls 12:20p Daisies
Becker/Chen U10 Girls 12:30p Blaze
McCann/Nadler/Sudnik U10 Boys 12:40p The Lads
Cruz CFC U12 Boys 12:50p Revolution
Bracciante/Atique U12 Boys 1:00p The Reds
Willette/Tyre U8 Coed 1:10p The Elephants
Kumph/Sistarenik U6 Coed 1:20p Young Goals
Phillips U6 Coed 1:30p Cheetahs
Scutari/Shea U6 Coed 1:40p
Barillaro/McCarthy CFC U13 Girls 1:50p